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£32m Improvement Project Sees Glasgow’s Argyle Line Reopened

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Credit: Network Rail
Glasgow’s Argyle line has reopened following a £32m improvement project. Quadrant Transport look at the project and how it will attract passengers back to rail.

The route between Rutherglen and Exhibition Centre closed on March 13th to allow engineers to repair and renew tunnels, bridges, and tracks.

Improving punctuality and reliability for passengers, it was the most significant piece of engineering on the line in a generation.

Engineers removed 500 tonnes of concrete encasement from the tunnels, with 700 structural beams repainted and more than 1,000 square meters of waterproofing applied.

The Funding Is Helping Attract Passengers Back To Rail

Attracting the travelling public back to rail is essential; it is important that there is a focus on passengers as an individual, their safety is put first, and solving reliability issues is key.

Department for Transport’s Rail Factsheet 2021 states that 2020-21 saw a 22% decrease in planned train services and a 9.0% percentage point improvement in punctuality compared with the previous year.

Increasing reliability can be done by funding like this one. For example, funding for rail will see longer trains with additional capacity, providing passengers with more room and a more comfortable, greener, and reliable train journey.

Transport Minister, Jenny Gilruth, said: “Passengers will undoubtedly welcome the news that this particular programme of work and its associated closures have come to an end. I’d like to thank them for their patience throughout, particularly users of Anderston station. I would also like to thank all of the staff at Network Rail and ScotRail who have facilitated these improvements, delivering them on time and within budget.

“The Scottish Government has provided £32m of funding for this work and will continue to significantly invest in rail infrastructure and services in Scotland, which helps us to attract passengers back to rail. It is vital that we deliver reliable infrastructure and do so in a manner that minimises the impact of disruption to passengers and freight.

Any project of this scale brings with it a number of challenges but at the same time also delivers significant improvements to Scotland’s Railway for passengers, including a reduction in the need for future disruption arising from any future works.

Overall Time Taken To Renovate Station Will Be Reduced

Glasgow’s Argyle line project includes improvement to Anderston station, with the closure of the station extended by four weeks until June 6th.

By extending the closure, engineers will be able to complete critical work on the entrance, booking office, concourse, and platforms earlier. Time taken to renovate the station will be reduced by 12 weeks, completed in the autumn instead of December 2022.

Once completed, the station will feature a lift for better customer access, a remodelled booking office, and modern finishes to the stairs, floors, and ceilings. Improvements will also be seen on the outside area of the station, with a new look glazed entrance and enhanced external lighting.