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Twinfix’s Multi-Link-Panel System ‘Stands the Test of Time’

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Following our SPOTLIGHT: London and South East event, Supplier Engagement in the Region, Quadrant Transport spoke to Vicky Evans, director at Twinfix to learn more about their Multi-Link-Panel system and the benefits it can bring to rail.

The Multi-Link-Panel is an innovative polycarbonate glazing product that, due to its ‘fix and link’ method of installation, is incredibly quick to fit and “is a robust, long-lasting solution” for roofing in railway stations.

Vicky Evans, Twinfix

One key benefit of Twinfix’s Multi-Link-Panel is that it is assembled offsite in their factory.

Allowing for quick installation, the offsite assembly, Vicky explained, means Twinfix can “control the quality in [their] factory, and [they] can control how it’s manufactured. [They] can also control those high safety standards that are required from roofing materials.”

Speaking to Quadrant Transport, Vicky said, “the quicker you can install [roofing systems], the better.” As rail work tends to be at night the possession work is limited.

By offering a system that is quick to install, Twinfix’s Multi-Link-Panel system overcomes past challenges and saves valuable time.

Safety at the core

Not only is their Multi-Link-Panel system quick to install but it is also non-fragile which means “that people shouldn’t fall through it, so the safety of the roof is much improved,” explained Vicky.

“If you are renewing a roof nowadays you really should improve the safety and that’s what the non-fragile system does,” she added. Traditional systems are made with glass which is susceptible to shatter, Twinfix’s polycarbonate, Vicky said, is “remarkably strong and robust.”

If you are renewing a roof nowadays you really should improve the safety and that’s what the non-fragile system does

Twinfix’s Multi-Link-Panel also comes with an in-line access hatch. The design means people don’t need to get on the roof at all by allowing them access from below” which also improves the safety on railway station roofs.

Showcasing the benefits of the Multi-Link-Panel system, Stirling Station is a clear example of how Twinfix’s pre-glazed option is a marked improvement from more traditional systems. Their Multi-Link system has not only improved the safety for people who maintain the roof but by removing the need for a walkway system around the roof, which is both costly and unsightly.

Meeting the needs of Network Rail
Kilmarnock Station with the Multi-Link-Panel, c. Twinfix

Offering the rail industry a “long-lasting, sustainable durable solution” Twinfix’s Multi-Link-Panel system “won’t need to be replaced for a long time,” said Vicky.

“Sustainability and longevity are so key to Network Rail”, explained Vicky. Twinfix is proud they are able to provide an option that will “stand the test of time.”

Vicky rounded up by saying the Multi-Link-Panel system is “in keeping with the look and feel of some of their historical railway stations whilst providing modern-day safety benefits’.”

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