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Transport for Wales Launch Project to Encourage More Sustainable Travel

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c. Jeremy Segrott, Flickr
As Transport for Wales (TfW) launches a project to encourage more sustainable travel in Wales, Quadrant Transport highlights the importance of advocating for a modal shift. 

Transport for Wales (TfW) has launched the new ‘Wales on Rails’ project encouraging more people to travel around Wales by rail. As we emerge from the pandemic, and as a previous Peloton Event indicated, people need encouragement to return to rail. 

The new project is jointly funded by TfW’s Community Rail Partnerships and Visit Wales to encourage people to use more sustainable modes of travel. It is essential to tackle the issue of commuters travelling by car, but as tourism picks up again in Wales, it is necessary to travel quickly across the country. 

As demand increases, reliability must improve

Questions remain whether these projects will encourage people to travel by train as delays and cancellations still remain the most significant barrier to modal shift. Additionally, as rail fares increase again, it could disenfranchise people to ditch their cars. 

 The initiative showcases the wealth of experiences that are accessible by public transport

The new initiative promotes the use of public transport as a way of travelling sustainably around Wales. Accessibility is at the forefront of the project, and Wales on Rails’ website enables people to plan their trips easily. 

It also provides tourist information about attractions and highlights the best routes to getting there, hoping to encourage tourists to travel more sustainably. 

The benefits of the new initiative are clear to see

Minister of the Economy Vaughan Gething spoke on the benefits of the new initiative from TfW. Mr Gething said: “This is an excellent partnership that encourages safe, sustainable, and scenic adventures around Wales.

 This new initiative makes it easier for people to plan their trips – while also using sustainable modes of transport

The Great Little Trains of Wales are managing the project, which is a partnership that promotes the 12 heritage railways in Wales and is supported by 5 Community Rail Partnerships.

James Price, TfW CEO, commented on the social and economic benefits the initiative will bring: “Wales on Rails brings together our Wales and Borders rail network [and] 12 heritage and steam railways.

“[It offers] people the chance to use this sustainable transport network to travel around the country to various tourist attractions.