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Sunbelt Rentals, Sustainability and Striving to Do More

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c. Sunbelt Rentals
Following our SPOTLIGHT: Midlands event, Opportunities for Decarbonisation in the Region, Quadrant Transport sits down with Sunbelt Rentals to delve deeper into their sustainability goals and learn more about the company.

Specialist rental solutions company, Sunbelt Rentals, offer their services to the construction, infrastructure, events, government and facilities market.

Natasha Sadra, Sunbelt Rentals

Quadrant Transport spoke to Rail Commercial Manager, Natasha Sadra and Sustainable Energy Manager, Christian Spence to discuss the company’s values and goals for the future.

“Safety is at the heart of everything that we do. It is what we stand for first and foremost,” Natasha said. The company, which works in industries that manoeuvre dangerous equipment, knows safety needs to be “paramount”.

Natasha said they are dedicated to going the “extra mile” with a “whole team dedicated” to formulating unique solutions for their customers.

Sunbelts “go behind the scenes and do a lot of research and development into what is the cleaner solution and innovative alternative” explained Natasha. “We are really forward-thinking,” she added.

We are really forward-thinking

The company have been awarded the RoSPA Gold Medal award for nine consecutive years, highlighting the dedication to their industry. Being “constantly ahead of the curve” means the company stands out, Natasha told Quadrant Transport.

“We are constantly striving to better ourselves and that is why we retain the award year in, year out,” Natasha said.

Giving back to communities and the environment

To give back to the communities across the country where Sunbelts operate, the company strives to employ people from areas local to their depots. “It is all about giving back and giving back locally,” explained Christian.

Christian Spence, Sunbelt Rentals

Christian told Quadrant Transport Sunbelts are “always looking to bring through the next generation with our local depots.”

“This is the best way to make sure communities are resilient, so when there are things like this pandemic the communities are strong enough to withhold that and are able to survive. It is really important to us that we are working with local customers on the local projects,” Christian continued.

Their Sustainability 2025 Plan was also launched in July last year. Christian explained, “We think we have a really big part to play in changing our customers’ rental behaviour.”

We’re always making sure we have got the most environmentally sustainable equipment and choices for customers

In doing this, the company massively invest in new equipment. “We’re always making sure we have got the most environmentally sustainable equipment and choices for customers. We’re also working with those manufacturers to help them innovate,” Christian said.

As part of their sustainability targets, Sunbelts have also launched a greener product range.

Rounding up the interview, Christian said, “we believe there is a lot we can do to help customers try out greener equipment.”

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