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How is Wolverhampton Becoming More Connected?

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With the Wolverhampton Interchange Project in its final weeks of completion, Quadrant Transport caught up with Wolverhampton Cabinet Member for City Environment, Steve Evans, to see what the exciting project is bringing to the city.

The Wolverhampton Interchange Project is the connection of all railway, metro and bus routes into one station within the city centre. The plans include two stages of rebuilding the train station and car park facilities, an extension of the metro and a revamp of the bus station facilities.

The £150 million project aims to increase connectivity and opportunities within Wolverhampton in a once previously dilapidated area, with new businesses and 1000’s of new jobs becoming available because of the changes.

The Wolverhampton Interchange Project is due to be completed within weeks

Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment and Climate Change in Wolverhampton, told Quadrant Transport: “We think it’ll make a really big difference because it’s revitalised, regenerated and refreshed a previously run-down area.”

It was a disjointed and fragmented service, people don’t like to walk half a mile to a mile when they get off the metro to catch a bus, so now people are far more likely to use public transport as things are seamless and connected

By connecting the rail, metro, and bus routes in one building, it will allow for smooth and straightforward travel around the whole city, enabling a more interconnected Wolverhampton.

The project also won the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) West Midlands Award for Planning Excellence 2020, where it was described by the judges as “An exemplar scheme and illustration of leading practice which is delivering a state-of-the-art multi-modal transport hub around which the city is developing its new commercial gateway. It’s rejuvenating part of the city to the benefit of its residents and businesses.”

The project will ensure cheaper, easier travel is sustained in Wolverhampton

After over a decade of planning and building and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wolverhampton Interchange Project is now in its final stages of completion.

It also hopes to ensure a more vibrant town. Steve Evans told Quadrant Transport: “No city can function without its residents and customers. We’re already transforming the city, we have around 10,000 people who live in the city centre, but we’ve created another 1300 living opportunities, attracted new business, and built new office facilities.”

Rounding up the interview, Cllr. Steve explained: “Our hope is that other businesses pop up and see the opportunities in Wolverhampton.”