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Exciting Plans for a New Mobility Hub in Manchester

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After the announcement of plans to build a new mobility hub in Ancoats, Manchester, Quadrant Transport looks at what the plans are and what it will mean for net-zero targets. 

Adhering to the City Centre Transport Strategy and Manchester’s Clean Air and Net-Zero targets, the planned mobility hub aims to improve sustainable transport and neighbourhood mobility into the area. 

The location is in an optimum place to encourage sustainable transport choices for people in Manchester. 

There are five key attributes to this plan that has been submitted by Manchester Life Strategic Development Company and there are as follows: 

By providing electric car spaces, secure cycle spaces and showers, and an electric car-sharing club, the Hub will enable people to choose a greener way to get around. This will quicken the move away from petrol and diesel vehicles, improving air quality and protecting the environment.

Shared electric car hire is something that stands out with significant focus. It has multiple benefits, consisting of dispelling myths about car performance, battery life and costs. Additionally, it will help electric vehicles seem a normal form of transport rather than an alternative form.  

We live in an amazing community, so it’s exciting to think we’re going to have a facility that will enable us to think about the transport choices we each make and how we can put people and the environment first

Focussing on parking areas in one space allows for future developments to be car-park free. This allows designers to focus on creating more green spaces, investing in the community and creating a more aesthetic Manchester. 

A major issue that impacts many inner cities in the UK is the number of delivery vehicles in the area. This proposed Hub will slash delivery mileage by 1200km per day by creating a delivery depot and limiting delivery vehicles to specific areas. 

100% electric capacity for the future

The Hub will have a capacity for 408 vehicles, 25 electric spaces which will set to increase to 100% electric when the demand is met. Additionally, there will be 150 bike space capacity. 

Reducing on-street parking will create a safer, cleaner and people-friendly environment. This hopes to encourage people to walk and cycle more, who currently feel too much traffic is a huge hindrance. 

Linking new infrastructure to existing is also one of the focuses of the plans. The Hub will connect to the adjacent Ancoats Green and nearby canal paths. Additionally, there will be a boost to the local economy with the opening of a community cycle cafe and public cycling facilities. 



Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council said: “We have to recognise that many people who choose to live in the city centre require cars for their daily life and work. But we do want to be very deliberate in making sustainable transport changes easier and more attractive – encouraging the use of electric vehicles, cycles and other forms of active travel while supporting the transition away from petrol and diesel.”

Quadrant Transport also heard from local resident and Cafe owner Chris Griffiths: “The Ancoats Mobility Hub proposals made me think of my carbon footprint as a resident and business owner. The Hub would enable us to take two cars off the road. Imagine if other businesses could do the same? It’s really going change the feel of our neighbourhood for the better. And it will help us achieve our aim to be a carbon-neutral business.”

Adding to this he said: “We live in an amazing community, so it’s exciting to think we’re going to have a facility that will enable us to think about the transport choices we each make and how we can put people and the environment first. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most critical developments in Ancoats, and I hope other neighbourhoods take it as a blueprint to do things better.”

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