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Decarbonising with Instrumentel: In Conversation with Sam Bussey

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After another instalment in the SPOTLIGHT series of events, Quadrant Transport catches up with Sam Bussey, Business Development Manager at Instrumentel, to discuss his role in more depth and to talk about the decarbonisation event he took part in.

Sam joined Instrumentel in 2018, soon after Unipart Rail acquired the company. Describing his role, Sam told Quadrant Transport: “My role is promoting everything we do as Instrumentel into the different industries that we work. Making sure that the customers’ voices are heard within our business too. So, representing the customer’s interests and making sure we are delivering the service the customer wants and going above and beyond to deliver the services they haven’t thought of.”

To achieve this, Instrumentel reports on a weekly basis on all the ongoing projects they are involved in. Utilising collaborative working, they are working towards framework agreements with several of their key customers to ensure both parties are mutually benefitting from the relationships.

We are aligned in what our goals are and understand what success is

Sam explained how successful this has been by saying, “We are aligned in what our goals are and understand what success is. That has been crucial in growing the business at a sustainable rate. There has been quite a boom in the adoption of

Sam Bussey, Instrumentel

technology in the rail industry but sometimes a boom turns into a bust. What we are about is making sure we are developing solutions for the long term.”

This success stems from the relationship between Unipart and Instrumentel. Quadrant Transport was told, “Unipart acquired Instrumentel in 2018 and the benefits were obvious to see. Unipart made the strategic decision that they wanted to support the rail industry in several different ways. Not just the provisions of products, but also bringing in a number of synergistic technology businesses.”

“Unipart Technologies Group brings together all the great work that we’ve done in the technology space in the rail industry, but also some non-rail business as well” Sam added.

SPOTLIGHT with Instrumentel

In terms of the Spotlight: MIDLANDS event, Sam discussed the multiple benefits Instrumentel brings to the rail industry and the different solutions that they can offer the industry. He explained that the data collected can be used for more than one piece of information.

“You can do quite a lot of that with one unit’s worth of data and identify where fuel efficiency savings can be implemented. This was picked up by Porterbrook that this is a really great fuel and engine monitoring solution that they can roll out to their entire fleet and they also wanted to add additional monitoring solutions such as the gearbox and the hydrostatic systems so we now in the process of installing it to the entire fleet.”

During the Q&A section of the event, Sam was asked how 5G will improve the data and solutions that Instrumentel collect and provide.

With the advent of 5G, the bandwidth to transfer larger amounts of data will mean that you can get a wider picture of what is happening on that asset in more detail

He answered “If you’re able to start monitoring more and if you’re able to expand the amount of data we are getting, you are going to make better decisions because you’ve got a richer picture from the data. With the advent of 5G, the bandwidth to transfer larger amounts of data will mean that you can get a wider picture of what is happening on that asset in more detail.”

Sam and his team are always interested to hear from existing and new sectors where people think that sensors might be useful, but they don’t know where to start. Sam can be contacted on +44 7824 547281 or at samuel.bussey@instrumentel.com

If you want to learn more about Instrumentel, you can find another piece about them here.

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